Honest feedback is a gift.  

That's because it's impossible to fully understand the impact we have on other people unless they tell us.  

The 360 is a time-honored and transformative tool that will give you unparalleled perspective and propel your leadership to new levels.  

By gathering feedback from peers, board members, superiors, supervisees and external partners, you'll get a nuanced portrait of your leadership strengths and challenges.  The coaching process accompanying the 360 allows you to make sense of your results and integrate them into a personalized leadership plan.

Created by the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the Rockwood Leadership 360 has been given to over 7,500 nonprofit, philanthropic and social change leaders. After more than 15 years of development and refinement, Rockwood has created a highly effective learning tool for leaders.

Rockwood 360 Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of a leaders’ strengths, challenges and impact based on feedback from their team and community.

  • A strong foundation for leadership development planning for individuals.

  • Greater capacity for leaders to realize their visions and goals in partnership with a coach.

Please note, this is not a performance management tool.  Rather, the survey inquires into a your ability to move your work forward effectively and collaboratively, with questions such as:

  • Is this leader a highly constructive force in group meetings?

  • Does this leader make it easy to give feedback to him/her?

  • Does this leader inspire and support others in doing their best work?

Facilitating the interpretation and integration of the results requires strong training and coaching skills to effectively support your growth. As a Rockwood certified trainer, I will help you review and interpret the survey results to assist the you to understand the report and identify next steps in your leadership development planning.