What is leadership? 

  • Leadership is self-awareness

  • Leadership is clarity of purpose

  • Leadership is a compelling vision

  • Leadership is skillful connection with others

Together, we can cultivate these qualities in your people.

I have been creating and facilitating leadership development programs for over ten years.  I partner with clients to design and carry out workshops, retreats and programs that build upon people's strengths so that they can step into their leadership with integrity, connection, and courage.

At the center of my work is a belief in these principles for transformative leadership development:

  • Starting from the inside out: Leadership begins where you have the most control – yourself. Only when you are clear about who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world can you effective lead and inspire others. The work begins here – by helping leaders to clarify purpose, values, and vision – before moving to greater spheres of influence on a team, board, organization or beyond.

  • Collaborating for change: Leadership does not happen in a vacuum. In an increasingly diverse, networked and fast-paced world, leaders must work with others to successfully accomplish mission and vision. Collaborative leadership – in terms of  how leaders work across differences, how teams operate and how organizations work across boundaries – is essential.  
  • Developing learning communities: Leadership development happens best in a supportive community of colleagues who hold each other accountable and challenge one another to grow. Woven throughout my work is an emphasis on developing a trusting and collaborative environment that will serve as a learning community. 

Our work together could look like:

  • A workshop or series of workshops on a variety of leadership topics
  • An online group learning program with peer support
  • An intensive multi-day retreat
  • A multi-month, cohort based program where learners deepen leadership over time