Do you want to facilitate your next team retreat, OR do you want to participate in it?  The reality is, it's hard to do both.

When we work together, you can bring your brilliance to the meeting and leave the facilitation to me.

When your organization needs to gather people for meaningful dialogue, decision-making, learning or reflection, a skillful outside facilitator can make all the difference.  From design to delivery, I can help your organization conduct high quality, high impact group processes. I work with organizations to design and facilitate:

  • Staff and Team retreats
  • Training and workshops
  • Team and group building
  • Focus groups to capture stakeholder perspectives

I collaborate with your organization to define the purpose and desired outcomes of your event, engage with your key stakeholders to design the agenda, and draw upon my years of experience as a group facilitator to deliver effective results.

Each session is completely customized and includes the creation of all pre-work, resources, handouts, materials and visuals.  

You did a terrific and thoughtful job of developing the retreat, consulting with staff, designing the event, delivery, and now follow through.
I am very pleased and appreciative.
— Ann Jacobs, Director, Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College