Upcoming Leadership Styles Workshop in NYC on 6/18

Join me for my only public workshop in NYC this spring! I'm happy to be back at the Support Center for Nonprofit Management to present this fun and revealing session.

Leadership Styles: Know Your Own, Work with Others
Thursday, June 18,  9:30am-12:30pm
Support Center for Nonprofit Management
42 Broadway, 20th Floor,  New York, NY 10004


Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought, communicated, and worked just like you? Maybe so, but our work would be a whole lot less interesting -- and our organizations much less effective -- if that were the case.  Since we're not all alike, we have to better understand ourselves and become skillful at working across differences.

In this revealing and fun session, you will complete the Interpersonal Leadership Styles (ILS) assessment, a research-based tool that provides you with an analysis of your leadership style as one of 4 primary types and 21 sub-types. You'll learn the implications of style diversity and its impact on your leadership and the leadership of others.

This workshop is appropriate for people at all leadership levels who must collaborate with others to do their work.

In this workshop, participants will: 

  • Gain understanding of their own Leadership Style and its specific strengths and blind spots
  • Gain insight into the impact that their own style has on other people, on team dynamics, and team performance
  • Become aware of the qualities and characteristics of others’ styles, both effective and ineffective
  • Become aware of the impact stress has on all 4 styles and the predictive behavior that is triggered
  • Learn how to develop situational flexibility in leading people to high performance

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